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Your local drain plumbing specialists in the Tweed shire

Looking for a plumber who understands that just clearing a blocked drain only half the solution? Are you grappling with ongoing drainage problems in a pipe that is hard to get to? We can help. Our drain plumbers specialise in clearing and repairing pipes in difficult to access areas of your property. We offer quality, long lasting results rather than quick fix solutions.

If your Tweed Heads home or business is struggling with a drainage problem call in the expert drain plumbers today.


Services our drain plumbers offer across the Tweed

The drainage systems in the Tweed area can vary from sprawling retirement villages to riverside properties, beachfront mansions to high rise apartment complexes, and everything in between. The unique and beautiful Tweed shire region sees a wide variety of drain issues from cracked and broken pipes to tree root intrusion. Our team have worked in the Tweed area for many years, providing plumbing services and drainage solutions for all types of systems and problems.

Our services include:

The Pipe Relining Company plumbers offer a drain repair solution which covers three important steps:

  • Unblocking the drain
  • Locating and identifying the issue
  • Carrying out long lasting drain repairs using pipe relining or pipe patching

This system provides a thorough result for drains that suffer with recurring blockages and is especially effective for drains in hard to reach locations including those under:

  • Buildings, sheds, house, patio’s, pools
  • Concrete slabs, timber decking, paving
  • Driveways
  • Established landscaping and gardens
  • Retaining walls
  • Roads and pathways
  • Fencing

Our plumbers can repair drains from 100mm to 300mm size in a range of different materials including clay (terracotta) and PVC. Our team can also tackle unusual jobs like relining vertical copper waste stacks in high rise buildings.

The Pipe Relining Company'

Why use our plumbers for your drainage issues in Tweed Heads?

  • As our plumbers only work with drainage they have a vast knowledge base that allows us to provide you with solutions other less experienced tradespeople might not be able to.
  • We carry the specialist equipment needed to swiftly find and repair the issue in your drain or pipe.
  • We focus on long term drain repair solutions not quick fixes.
  • Our pipe relining techniques are guaranteed to last more than 25 years.
  • Our pipe repairs are no-dig - they don’t require extensive excavations or removing large sections of damaged pipes.
  • We can repair problems anywhere along the drain; in junctions, traps, and vertical stacks.

Your trusted local Tweed Heads drain plumbers

For practical drainage solutions and effective, long lasting drain repair services contact our Tweed Heads drain plumbers at 07 5639 6693 or complete our quick online plumber booking request form today.

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Blocked Drains? Old Pipes, Good As New

No Dig Pipe Relining Completely Refreshes Your Old Drainage Pipes

The Drain Plumber Pipe Relining Process

Blocked Drain Repair

Blocked Drains

The first step is to unblock your drains. This removes the obstruction & allows us to have clear access to carry out the drain inspection.

Unblock Drains
Drain Inspection Gold Coast

Drain Inspection

The second step is to use our advanced drain inspection cameras to pinpoint the exact location and cause of your issue.

Drain Inspection
Pipe Relining Gold Coast

Pipe Relining

The final step is to completely renew your pipes from the inside using our cutting-edge no-dig pipe repair tool.

Pipe Relining
Drain Plumber Gold Coast

Drain Plumber

The Pipe Relining Co is at the forefront of trenchless pipe relining technology, offering complete drain repair solutions.

Drain Plumber
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