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Pipe Patching

Secure pipe patch options for pipe repair

The Pipe Relining Company is one of the most reputable companies around when it comes to pipe patching on the Gold Coast and surrounding arounds. Our team of qualified and experienced professional plumbers are experts when it comes to no dig pipe repairs for a variety of drainage options, so give us a call today to find out what we can offer you.

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How does pipe patching work?

Pipe patching, which is also known as sectional pipe repair, is an alternative pipe repair method should there be cracks in your drain pipes. Instead of digging up an area to locate a leaking pipe and arrange repairs, pipe patching can be installed without any earthworks. Once a leak is located, pipe patching can be placed inside a pipe and moved to cover the damaged area, stopping any further leakage from occurring.

What can pipe patching fix?

Pipe patching can fix pipes and drains that are leaking or cracked due to damage caused by tree roots, earth movement and other circumstances.

Why choose pipe patching over other pipe repair options?

Pipe patching has a huge range of benefits, including:

  • No extensive digging works are required.
  • Patching can make piping stronger than before the works were completed.
  • Patching fixes the problem, not just looks at the symptoms.
  • Perfect for pipes which have small damage and require generally minor sectional fixing.
  • A permanent fix for pipes.

One of the main benefits is that pipe patching doesn't just involve removing the cause of the pipe damage - e.g. a tree root - it removes the cause and also fixes the damage in the pipe.

No dig pipe repair experts

The Pipe Relining Co team has extensive experience in relation to pipe patching and pipe repairs, offering you peace of mind that you are dealing with qualified and experienced professionals. We understand the disruption and frustration (and mess) that cracked and leaking pipes can cause, which is why we offer prompt and effective pipe patching services all over the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to find out more about what our pipe patching specialists can offer you.

Why choose us to complete your pipe patching works?

  • We are locally based on the Gold Coast.
  • We care about each and every customer, which means you’ll receive top quality customer service on every job.
  • We understand that your time is valuable, which means we will arrive on time and get the job done in the most efficient, effective way possible.
  • Our specialist plumbers have years of experience in the drainage industry, which allows us to provide practical solutions for any plumbing issue.
The Pipe Relining Company'

Local and experienced pipe patching experts

If you would like to speak to one of our friendly team members regarding pipe patching, or have another plumbing issue that you would like addressed, call The Pipe Relining Co on (07) 5639 6693 and we can discuss all your needs.

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Blocked Drains? Old Pipes, Good As New

No Dig Pipe Relining Completely Refreshes Your Old Drainage Pipes

The Drain Plumber Pipe Relining Process

Blocked Drain Repair

Blocked Drains

The first step is to unblock your drains. This removes the obstruction & allows us to have clear access to carry out the drain inspection.

Unblock Drains
Drain Inspection Gold Coast

Drain Inspection

The second step is to use our advanced drain inspection cameras to pinpoint the exact location and cause of your issue.

Drain Inspection
Pipe Relining Gold Coast

Pipe Relining

The final step is to completely renew your pipes from the inside using our cutting-edge no-dig pipe repair tool.

Pipe Relining
Drain Plumber Gold Coast

Drain Plumber

The Pipe Relining Co is at the forefront of trenchless pipe relining technology, offering complete drain repair solutions.

Drain Plumber
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