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Blocked Drains Petrie Terrace

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Even partially blocked drains can quickly become a messy and smelly issue, and if left unattended to, often a serious flood risk. Don’t wait until your drain becomes totally blocked and your plumbing system stops, our experienced drain plumbers offer comprehensive drain clearing for homes and businesses throughout Petrie Terrace.

We specialise in not only unblocking your drain but ensuring the same issue does not recur by carrying out a CCTV drain inspection to identify the problem, and drain repairs using no-dig pipe relining if needed.

When your drains block up contact the team at The Pipe Relining Company for fast, professional drain clearing services throughout Petrie Terrace.

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Clear signs your drain is blocked

A blocked toilet, sink or shower can quickly put a stop to your day. The best course of action is to get your plumber in when you start noticing problems. Some of the most common signs your drain is blocked or beginning to clog up include:

  • Foul smell - as you can imagine whatever is blocking the drain should have been efficiently washed away into the sewer system. There’s not much that gets washed or flushed down the drain that we’d be happy to keep around the house. The bad smell of a build up can be one of the first signs ‘things’ are not moving along like they should.
  • Slow draining sinks or shower - Is it taking a while for the water to drain out of the kitchen sink when you pull out the plug? Does water gradually build up around your ankles in the shower? These issues can indicate something is obstructing the flow of water through the drain.
  • Water level increases in the toilet when you flush - Does the water level go up before it goes down? Or is there more water in the toilet than usual?
  • Noisy drains - gurgling sounds coming from the drain can be caused by the wastewater moving past blockages in the drain pipe.
  • You use ‘flushable’ wet wipes - if you are flushing wet wipes of any form (even if they are labeled ‘flushable’) down your toilet it is only a matter of time before your pipes block up.

If you’ve noticed any of these in your Petrie Terrace home or business contact your local drainage specialist before the drain is fully blocked.

What causes blocked drains?

Some of the most common causes of blocked drains include:

  • A buildup of fat, oil and grease - overtime these substances can accumulate in the drain causing other items such as food scraps and other debris to catch on the sticky mass creating a ‘fatburg’.
  • Damaged pipes - cracks, breaks or misalignment in pipes can cause debris to snag as it passes through the drain, eventually leading to clogged pipes.
  • Tree roots - even tiny cracks in drain pipes can allow tree and plant roots access into the abundant source of nutrients and water within the drain. Once established they grow quickly to block the pipe.
  • Flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed down the drain - things like toys, deceased small pets, sanitary items, the above mentioned ‘flushable’ wet wipes, etc.
  • Garden debris - this is an issue with stormwater drains which can become clogged by rainwater washing leaves, dirt or garden debris down the drain during storms.

The Pipe Relining Company’s team of experienced drain plumbers can clear your drains of all these blockages and more. We use a range of methods to clear the drain from high-pressure water jetters to specially designed robotic cutters.

3 stage blocked drain repair solution

The Pipe Relining Company offers a 3 stage method for repairing damaged pipes which just keep blocking up over and over again. Our drain repair process involves:

  • Stage 1 - unblock - clear the drain blockage using a variety of methods including high-pressure water jetting.
  • Stage 2 - inspect - comprehensive drain inspection utilising a modern CCTV drain camera to get a clear picture of the issue as well as it’s exact location.
  • Stage 3 - repair - carry out pipe repairs using long lasting, top quality pipe relining technology.

Complete blocked drain repair solutions in Petrie Terrace

Don’t suffer with slow drains or repeated clogged pipes in Petrie Terrace contact our team at 07 5639 6693 or complete our quick online blocked drain service request form today.

The Drain Plumber Pipe Relining Process

Blocked Drain Repair

Blocked Drains

The first step is to unblock your drains. This removes the obstruction & allows us to have clear access to carry out the drain inspection.

Unblock Drains
Drain Inspection Gold Coast

Drain Inspection

The second step is to use our advanced drain inspection cameras to pinpoint the exact location and cause of your issue.

Drain Inspection
Pipe Relining Gold Coast

Pipe Relining

The final step is to completely renew your pipes from the inside using our cutting-edge no-dig pipe repair tool.

Pipe Relining
Drain Plumber Gold Coast

Drain Plumber

The Pipe Relining Co is at the forefront of trenchless pipe relining technology, offering complete drain repair solutions.

Drain Plumber
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