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Blocked Drains Tweed

Looking for a blocked drain specialists in Tweed Heads?

The Pipe Relining Co team are experts in clearing blocked drains, servicing all towns in the Tweed Shire. We offer reliable solutions to fix recurring blocked drains problems. Our experienced drain plumbers can not only clear your blocked drain quickly but also inspect the drains using CCTV drain cameras to find out the reason behind repeated blockages and use trenchless pipe relining technique to solve the issue permanently.

Do you hear a gurgling noise from your drains or do you have a blocked drain/toilet or an overflowing sink? Give us a call now and let us help you.


Reliable Blocked Drains Plumbers Tweed

If you have blocked drains, we can help fix the problem quickly. With over 50 years of experience in the plumbing industry and 14 years of combined experience in pipe relining, we are the trusted specialists for fixing blocked drains.

We can help you with a range of drainage solutions like:

7 common reasons behind blocked drains

Blocked drains are usually caused by cracks or damages in the wastewater pipes and sometimes it can be due to foreign objects flushed down the drain. Some of the common causes of blocked drains are:

  • Wet wipes - Even the ones marked flushable do not decompose and can clog up the drains.
  • Tree roots intrusions - Tree roots can enter pipes through small cracks and wrap around the pipes to feed on nutrients and water.
  • Toys or other foreign objects.
  • Fat, oil and grease - The greasy items solidify in the pipe and collects debris flowing through the pipes like hair, food scraps, etc.
  • Leaves and dirt.
  • Sanitary Products like tampons and pads.

We use specialist drain clearing equipment to unblock drains permanently regardless of the issue. Using equipment like high-pressure water jetter, robotic cutter and pipe relining technology our plumbers can clear even the most stubborn blockages from the drains.

CCTV drain camera for pipe inspections in Tweed

Our team can carry out a comprehensive drain inspection using a CCTV drain camera to find out the root cause of the blockage and recommend the best action plan to resolve the problem permanently. CCTV Drain cameras can also find the exact location of any cracks, breaks or uneven areas of pipe to allow targeted repairs to be carried out saving time and money.

CCTV Drain Camera

Trenchless pipe relining technique for drain repairs

Pipe relining is a no-dig pipe repair technology used to fix damaged pipes. It makes the pipe strong and durable and it can last for more than 25 years.

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Your Local Blocked Drains Specialists Tweed

For reliable and durable blocked drains solutions in Tweed Heads and other suburbs in the Tweed Shire, contact us on 07 5639 6693 or complete our quick online booking request form today.

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Blocked Drains? Old Pipes, Good As New

No Dig Pipe Relining Completely Refreshes Your Old Drainage Pipes

The Drain Plumber Pipe Relining Process

Blocked Drain Repair

Blocked Drains

The first step is to unblock your drains. This removes the obstruction & allows us to have clear access to carry out the drain inspection.

Unblock Drains
Drain Inspection Gold Coast

Drain Inspection

The second step is to use our advanced drain inspection cameras to pinpoint the exact location and cause of your issue.

Drain Inspection
Pipe Relining Gold Coast

Pipe Relining

The final step is to completely renew your pipes from the inside using our cutting-edge no-dig pipe repair tool.

Pipe Relining
Drain Plumber Gold Coast

Drain Plumber

The Pipe Relining Co is at the forefront of trenchless pipe relining technology, offering complete drain repair solutions.

Drain Plumber
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